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On Droniwork you’ll find a range of best talent, from drone pilots, cinematographers, designers, engineers and more.

  • Post your job here. Tell us about your project and the specific skills required.
  • We’ll analyze your needs. Our search functionality uses data to highlight freelancers based on their skills, helping you find talent that’s a good match.
  • We will send you a list of such candidates. You can also visit our site and search for talent. Freelancers can view your job and submit their portfolios too

Hire the drone pilot of your choice

Invite candidates to submit their portfolios or resumes. Review it and then hire your favorite candidate.

  • Browse their profiles to see pilot ratings, portfolios and more.
  • Review proposals. Evaluate freelancer’s qualifications, thought process, timeline, and overall skills
  • Then connect with the pilot. Ask specific questions, determine who’s the best fit as per the requirement, and hire


If You Are Looking For Job

Droniwork makes it easy to connect with clients across the world. Droniwork is a great place to find more clients, and to run and grow your own freelance business.

  • On Droniwork, you can run your own business and choose your own clients and projects as per your needs.
  • First, complete your profile and we will highlight the ideal jobs.
  • More and more success. The greater the success you have on projects, the more likely you are to get hired by clients that use Droniwork.

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